Andy (left), Amos (right), and "The Kingfish" (center), from the Amos N' Andy Television Show

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Freeman F. Gosden as Amos, Kingfish, and Lightnin', and Charles J. Correll as Andy.
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Amos and Andy was one of the funniest and most beloved radio shows of all time. Freeman Gosden (Amos, Kingfish, and Lightnin') and Charles Correll (Andy) were two of the finest comics of all time. Who can forget hearing "Holy Mackerel Andy!," and " I'se regusted, Andy!" The raw talent and humor that they exuded touched us all, and they will always be fondly remembered. Perhaps someday the networks will end their blacklisting of this popular radio and TV show. The truth is, Amos 'N Andy was no more demeaning to African Americans than The Beverly Hillbilies was demeaning to southern whites. Perhaps we will collectively learn to lighten up, not get so bent out of shape, and learn to laugh at ourselves a little more. So lets sit back, relax, and pop in some Amos and Andy!

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Holy Mackerel Andy! "Hildegard," from "Two Brides for Andy."
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